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Atticus Group is a Queensland based Australian private investigation business that provides a full range of investigative and consultancy services nationwide to all sectors and individuals.

Our specialty is providing investigative and consultancy services within the Human Services and Not For Profit sectors such as disability, aged care, childcare and health services.

Our strong ties and commitment to the Human Services and Not For Profit sector in conjunction with our intimate knowledge of the sector have led to a proven track record of consistently achieving cost effective results for our Human Services and Not For Profit clients.

Atticus Group founder and owner Chris Rice is a qualified investigator with over 25 years experience working in the Human Services and Not for Profit arena. Having worked in roles from direct care through to senior management and board positions Chris has a deep understanding and passion for what he does.

Chris has extensive experience in conducting investigations for the Human Services and Not For Profit sector and combines best practice methodology and investigative principles with the highest confidential, ethical and professional standards to achieve outcomes that will satisfy any jurisdiction.

What Atticus Group do


Our area of specialty is conducting professional, discrete and confidential investigations for services and organisations in the Human Services and Not For Profit sector and our work includes:

  • Workplace Investigations and internal investigations.
  • Client/customer complaint investigations.
  • External complaint investigations. Including departmental and ministerial initiated complaints.
  • Incident and injury investigations. Including critical incident investigations.
  • Service delivery investigations. Including spot checks/drop in’s, activity “fly on the wall” surveillance.
  • Back ground checks. For prospective staff, committee and board members.
  • Locating people. For example, to recoup overpaid wages and witnesses to incidents.




It is important to us that we support Human Services and Not For Profit providers to avoid service breakdowns and their consequences, so Atticus Group offer a range of consultancy services that draw on our extensive background in the sector that are aimed at supporting them to be pro-active. We will tailor our work in this space according to the need and these are just a few of the things we do.

  • Policy and procedure writing Also including revision, updating and harmonisation.
  • Project Management
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Service and strategic planning
  • Market Research


Why call Atticus Group?

How a service or business receives and manages complaints and other issues is a reflection of their commitment to good customer service and those that do it well have a competitive advantage. Think of a time when you have made a complaint as a customer and it has been handled poorly and one where every effort was made to address your issue. While both started out as a bad experience only the latter has the potential to leave you feeling like you matter and keep you as a customer.

When the need to investigate something arises it usually means something has gone wrong and despite the best efforts of those involved breakdowns are inevitable. We can help by using our intimate knowledge of the sector to conduct the necessary investigation activities and providing you with an outcome that is impartial and will satisfy any jurisdiction, leaving your team free to focus on your core business…your clients.


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