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Property Investigations can save you stress, time and money


Pre-purchase and pre-lease investigation

Buying a property is one of, if not the most significant investment most people make, so it makes sense to do your research. Building inspections and valuations etc are usually par for the course but have you checked out the neighborhood ? Who wants to make their dream purchase, move in only to discover you next door neighbor has a home based steel fabrication business who does his best work at night and the house on the other side is a rental that houses thirteen first year uni student…who also do their best work at night?!

We can help ensure your investment is a wise one by conducting a pre-purchase or pre-lease investigation where we will check out the surrounding neighborhood and provide you with a report on our findings.

Property damage and vandalism investigations

Property damage and vandalism are a crime not to mention heartbreaking and expensive for the property owner. Atticus Group investigators can conduct investigation and surveillance operations and find out who the culprit is. Our work will comply with the necessary  legal requirements for admissible evidence with a view to you pursuing legal recourse.

Lease violation investigations

Evicting problem tenants can be a tricky process unless you have sufficient grounds and evidence. We can help by collecting evidence that will assist you to legally evict your problem tenants. We can also help you recover unpaid rent.