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Customer experience evaluation

One of the best way to obtain feedback about your service is through the customers experience. Atticus Group can give you a customer experience evaluation by covertly posing as a customer and providing you with feedback about the experience. Our evaluation will tell you what is working well and identify areas of improvement, we can even give you feedback on how your service compares to your competitors!

Fly on the wall surveillance

Any manager or business owner that has field workers understands the challenges of managing staff remotely and most will have experienced that sense of unease knowing something is not right and the frustration of not being able to see what is going on out in the field. We can conduct covert surveillance of your field staff, collect evidence and provide you with a report on what was observed so you can evaluate your field staff’s productivity and performance and ensure they are operating in the best interests of your business and that your customers are getting what they pay for.

Spot checks

As with Fly on the wall surveillance Spot Checks can be used to evaluate what is happening at your business or service sites that are located away from the main office. We can drop in either announced or unannounced to a designated service site and report back to you about what we observed.

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